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Top 6 Ways to Rank your Blog on Top 5 Position

Getting a site in the top ten in the SERPs is sometimes a pain. However, when you finally see that your hard work pays off and gets your website in that sweet place where countless people can browse it, it is worth it. If you want to improve your blog's overall functionality, read on for suggestions on the best way to get your site into the top 5 of Google.

1. Proper Keyword Research and Focus on Long-Tail Keywords
Not all keywords are created equal. It would help if you did your research to pick the best keywords that define precisely what your target market is looking for. The trick is not to make the most of your keywords. Take the path of moderate resistance that will help you advance in the competition - around 3 Lakhs pages with the same password instead of 10 Lakhs websites. From this point on, these keywords must be integrated with keyword phrases, known as "long tail search phrases." Besides, it would help if you put these keywords in your website names, meta descriptions, and of course, apply to your website content.

2. On-Page SEO Technique

A critical part of high-ranking blogs is understanding how keywords and other search engines optimization techniques like link building and authoritative resources work to your advantage. Enhance your articles with the web, have an engaging name, put keywords in your URL, fill in alternative image tags and captions as soon as possible, and use appropriate headline tags (h1, h2, h3) when creating your articles. Always use high-quality images and share them on Image Sharing Sites 2020 to get some traffic.

3. Sharing is Caring
Perhaps you've noticed that some articles seem viral only on the internet? The main reason is that these pages are full of content that generates reviews and assigns authoritative content with evidence for a specific claim. This allows people to share content, respond to it, and share it. This is done by creating content with compelling names such as "10 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rates" and leveraging points under discussion.

4. Content Word Limit
For starters, remember that there is no "best" number of phrases in blog articles. Previously, we saw an incredibly short content of around 100 words surpassing ten articles, which shows that any range will work as long as it's written nicely. However, research has shown that the articles that get the highest scores are the ones that are slightly longer and more detailed. We found that the right length of high ranked content is 1000 words and search metrics.

However, the main issue is the quality of these words. Don't stuff your keywords. Build your thoughts well to do enjoyable content reading.

5. Social Media
What exactly does the format and word count have to do with social networking sites? When you create shareable content, you are simultaneously creating content that looks good on social networks. This can help you gain an audience across multiple platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can even use these programs to contact affiliates and fans and create interpersonal ads for higher click-through prices.

6. Off-Page SEO
If you have a website, you want to create links so that you can raise your visitor count and get link juice from various other sites. Link juice is a phrase used in the search engine optimization industry to describe the benefits of getting connected from a website with a higher page ranking than the linked page. When a website provides a one-way connection, make a call, it takes link juice to the site it connects to. Linking is a job that requires a lot of painstaking work. And suppose you're unsure about the appropriate method to link to your website. In that case, you may be doing yourself using various ways such as guest posting, article submission, blog commenting, etc.. The number of hyperlinks does not count.

Link building is used to attract visitors to your website and provide only a little help in page ranking. When a website offers a one-way connection, it essentially allows voting to receive content from the site it links to. A High Jurisdiction site is a precious resource to get a link from. Few of the one-way links are the same, so the ideal solution is to let a linking service manage this part of your search engine optimization campaign.

Linking is a great way to make your site appear as an authority site. If you are new to owning a website, you need a one-way link structure to improve your website. The various methods of linking include writing articles and submitting them to directories, linking them to your website, social bookmarks including linking back to your website and even blogging visitors with a link to your site.

Creating blog posts can be time-consuming, and it takes some time to think about ideas for keeping your site fresh and fresh as well. Nevertheless, these efforts to rank your website high in Google's SERPs don't take long. These strategies can help you accelerate the growth of your website.

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